Spend Less on SaaS Solution Subscriptions

We help you negotiate a lower cost and better terms for new or existing SaaS contracts.

No Cure – No Pay. Minimum 2 x ROI Guaranteed!

Lower Cost

Pay less for your SaaS solutions

Proquri provides you with insight into SaaS vendors pricing so that you know what others are paying. 

In addition, we know contract negotiations and just how to get a more favorable price for your SaaS solution.

Less Hassle

Avoid wasting time negotiating

Let us assist you when you are negotiating with a new vendor or renegotiating an existing contract. 

For Both New And Existing Contracts

Better Terms

Get improved contract terms

We collect and compare contract terms from all our clients. You benefit from this as we, and you, know just what the vendor is willing to offer.

Already in a contract and unsure if your terms could get better? Let us help you renegotiate the contract and improve the terms in the process.

How it works

Proquri Insight ™ 

With Proquri Insight you get details on prices and terms SaaS vendors don’t share.


Get assistance and insight when you negotiate a new SaaS solution.


Proquri helps you renegotiate and optimize ongoing SaaS solution contracts.

Monitor & Benchmark

We monitor both prices & terms and keep track of contract renewals.

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