Taking the Pain Out of SaaS Management

1. SaaS Contracts Review

Our first step will be to review all existing SaaS contracts looking for possibilities to cut costs, improve terms or both.

If you are contacting us because you are in, or expect to be going into negotiations on a specific contract we focus on that first.

For the review we need some key information on each contract to get a good understanding of the importance that service holds, what would be an optimal goal and of your expectations.

2. Negotiations

Assisting or Hands-on

Whether you are negotiating a new contract or renegotiating existing ones we help as much as you prefer. Our service can be just providing insight all the way to being the commercial contact on your behalf in a negotiation process.

New SaaS Contracts

When looking at a new possible SaaS solution we will help you every step of the way. The aim is to ensure you get the best solution at a competitive price with great terms in less time.


You likely have a number of SaaS solutions already. Some are up for renewal in the near future, some might have years to go. We can help you get better prices and terms for both new and older contracts.

3. Monitoring & Optimization

For all SaaS contracts you have registered with Proquri we will continuously monitor them to optimize costs.

When we find that vendors change their pricing or terms in the market we will notify you or if our agreement specifies it, we will proactively contact them on your behalf and ask for a cost cut.

Before contracts come up for renewals we will notify you and help negotiate better cost and terms.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

1. What information do you need from us?

When reviewing SaaS contracts we need to know specifics points on pricing and contract terms.
– Start date, agreement period and termination details
– Costs directly related to the contract, ie. per user/seat, setup etc.

2. Do you share our information

We do not share any information that can be tied to you (or any other company). What we do is collect and aggregate data and share insight based on that. This guides us and our clients in future negotiations, but are always anonymous/aggregated.