Welcome to Proquri

Proquri was born out of a recognition that the traditional opaque SaaS pricing model is broken.

With years of experience from leading SaaS sales positions, Marius Harridsleff founder of Proquri, saw the customers challenges and frustrations from the inside.

Varying lock-in periods, non-transparent pricing, hidden discounts and different add-on costs makes SaaS pricing hard to navigate.

At the end of the day, all the different pricing variables are there for one simple reason. To drive up the subscription cost as much as possible.

Without real insight into what others pay or all the different factors determining the cost, customers often end up paying very differently for the same solutions.

This is what Proquri is solving.

We have deep insight into different SaaS companies’ offerings and we collect and compare terms and cost data from a great number of clients.

Partnering with us you will know what to pay, know the best terms possible and know what add-ons should cost. We take the hassel out of buying SaaS solutions by eliminating all the cost guesswork.


Improving the way SaaS solutions are negotiated, bought and managed.


We provide insight and experience, from years of negotiating SaaS contracts, to professionals who buy or manage SaaS solutions. Enabling them to spend less time negotiating while getting better terms and a lower overall cost.



We do not share customer specific data. While we collect data from all customers we only share aggregated numbers and averages.


We approach all negotiations with professional respect and believe that a good deal for our customers is ultimately a good deal for the SaaS vendors as well.

Fair Prices

We believe in fair and transparent pricing, also when it comes to our own services. As such we do not offer discounts other than those clearly communicated online.


We are independent from SaaS vendors. Should we be part of any referral or partner program we will make this clear in advance of any advice given.